The dream of de Profundis began with the dream of a sound. It was the warm, silken sound of male voices in harmony. It was the intimacy of a few voices, a small group of listeners, a modest hall. 

It was a dream of many colors, from Palestrina alabaster, to Brahms violet, to the steel gray of Stravinsky.

The name "de Profundis" was visited upon us. Latin for "out of the deep," it seemed at once to play on the distinctiveness of the male voice, while at the same time bespeaking the conviction that music has the capacity to reveal the profound, that which is concealed within our own depths.

In May of 1994 the dream began to take tangible form. We formed a board of directors. We became a nonprofit corporation. Over the next few months we worked to get the word out, to recruit and audition singers, in search of twelve who could embrace and realize the vision.

On August 23, 1994, twelve men, along with their director, David Poole, met for the first time to begin making music, to embark together on a voyage of exploration and discovery.

Now in our twentieth-fourth season, de Profundis continues on that voyage. And as on any such voyage, the horizons have only expanded.

From the stage of the Hiland Theatre on Central Avenue, where we performed with jazz legend Dave Brubeck, to the ancient walls of the Quarai Ruins in the Manzano Mountains, we continue to seek out new venues and new audiences.

de Profundis has tried to reach beyond our audience as well, to foster interest and enthusiasm among the younger male singers in our community. We have sponsored workshops for high school tenors and basses and have shared programs with the Albuquerque Boy Choir.

In the spring of 2002 we sang a joint concert with Quintessence - Choral Artists of the Southwest, and we've sung twice in Grants, NM, for the Cibola Arts Series. We have also performed several times at Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu, NM, and at the Norbertine Abbey in Albuquerque.

In the spring of 2000 de Profundis recorded our first CD, With a Heart of Longing, now sold out. It was yet another new adventure in what has been, all in all, a very exciting journey. We thank you for joining us on the way.

In the spring of 2003 de Profundis recorded our second CD, The Green Man, which is available at our concerts as well as at Music Mart in Albuquerque.

To celebrate our ten years of existence, in 2004, we hosted noted composer and arranger Alice Parker, who spent a weekend with de Profundis and then conducted a concert, which included a piece commissioned from Ms. Parker entitled de Profundis, based on Psalm 130.

Generous donors enabled us to establish an endowment fund with the Albuquerque Community Foundation in 2007. This permanent fund will provide a steady income to allow de Profundis to meet its goals of providing unique music to the community and to involve young singers in our concerts. You are invited to offer your own contribution to this fund, a recognition of de Profundis' ongoing enrichment of the musical fabric of New Mexico.

In the fall of 2008 we released our third CD, Tidings, a collection to celebrate the holiday season. It, too, is available at our concerts and at Music Mart. 

In 2014, to celebrate our 20th anniversary, we sang our way across Wales. The coach tour included de Profundis members and friends, and included spectacular stops at iconic sites as well as several opportunities to sing a reportoire tailored for that wonderful country.

de Profundis Board of Directors

Susan Daugherty
Tes Hodock
Vicky Kuster
Roy Morgan
David Poole

David Poole, director
Roy Morgan, business manager

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Private functions and events

de Profundis is available for private functions -- parties, receptions, conventions -- and we will certainly consider charity events. Contact David Poole at (505) 301-5611 for further information.

You can participate in the dream of de Profundis

We welcome your attendance at our concerts. We also hope you will invite your friends to attend our concerts, as word-of-mouth is our most effective advertising.

As a nonprofit [501(c)(3)] organization, de Profundis also gladly accepts your monetary donations. We have established a permanent endowment, managed by the Albuquerque Community Foundation. You are encouraged to support either our annual fund or our endowment fund.

To be placed on our mailing list, or to make a contribution, contact us at:

    de Profundis
    PO Box 3056
    Albuquerque, NM 87190-3056

    (505) 301-5611